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Safety instructionsSafety instructions

  1. 1、Skyworth's new products-----The conference whiteboard has an AC switch. Please turn the AC switch off before connecting the power supply, and turn on the AC switch after confirming that the plug of the power cord is well plugged in. The socket and power cord must be kept in good contact to avoid loosening, lighting, and voltage fluctuation.

  2. 2、When you shut the computer down, please do not pull out the power plug directly. Please turn off the current programs on the computer first, then turn off the computer, and then turn off the device when "No Signal" is displayed.

  3. 3、If the AIO machine needs to be turned on again after shutdown, please wait at least 5 seconds. Please avoid frequent switching on and off operation.

  4. 4、If it is not used for a long time after the shutdown, it is best to cut off the external power supply (turn off the power socket or pull out the power plug).

  5. 5、In thunderstorm weather, it is recommended not to use the machine, and it is best to pull out all the power cord and network cable to prevent lightning strike.

  6. 6、After using USB, mobile HD and other external storage devices, please follow the correct operation procedure to exit the device before pulling it out.

  7. 7、Please do not add, delete or change the computer system files and Settings without absolute confidence.

  8. 8、Please do not place any important files in the C Disk, Desktop and My Documents. Please backup the data if there are any important files.

  9. 9、Do not use third-party software to repair the system if there are not special requirements or absolute confidence.

  10. 10、Please unplug the power cord first and do not use too wet cloth when cleaning the machine. Do not spray the cleaning liquid directly on the parts that need cleaning. Instead, spray the cleaning liquid on the soft cloth first and then wipe it. Special attention should be paid to prevent water from getting inside the machine.

  11. 11、Do not disassemble the machine by yourself, improper operation may damage the equipment. When you encounter after-sales problems, please contact the manufacturer in time, and the manufacturer's professional after-sales staff will provide on-site inspection and maintenance services.

Common problemCommon problem