Leaders from Ganzhou District of Zhangye City,Gansu Province visited Skyworth Optical-Electronic for inspection

On July 10, 2020, leaders from Ganzhou District of Zhangye City, led by Wang Shaohua, deputy secretary of the Party committee and head of Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, and Liu Bo, director of the district government office, visited Skyworth Optical-Electronic Company Limited.


Under the careful arrangement of Liu Liguo, deputy general manager of education business line, the staff led the visiting guests to visit the exhibition hall of Skyworth technology building, product production line and our company's exhibition hall, and introduced the company's development history, product system and business model to the leaders in detail.


Wang Zhaohua and his delegation inspected Skyworth's full product industry chain display on the spot, and listened carefully to the explanation and inquired about the relevant information when they went to every place, and recognized the multi-field development of Skyworth.


Then visited the product movement patch and the whole product production line, each process is tested by the heavy standards. Skyworth as a domestic advanced TV manufacturing enterprises, focus on lean manufacturing, quality technology, environmental protection parallel. After the visit, everyone expressed a deeper understanding of modern production.


Then they came to the Skyworth exhibition hall, Liu Liguo, deputy general manager of education business line introduced the company's products in detail.


After the product explanation, District Governor Wang Zhaohua also started to experience the product. It can be written with the five-finger extinguishing product with clear notes, which greatly improve the intelligence of classroom teaching.


After visiting the exhibition hall and office environment, the two sides launched in-depth discussion and exchange on contents including .

Deputy General Manager Liu Liguo comprehensively introduced the development and achievements of the work.He pointed out that Shenzhen is a window of China's reform and opening up, with rich policy, technology, talent and other high-quality resources, among which the education stands as our strength.It is 20 of industry accumulation that has made Skyworth Optical-Electronic what it is now.I hope this exchange is not just a starting point, and I hope to have deeper and closer cooperation in the future.

The visiting leaders spoke highly of the results, and Wang Zhaohua pointed out that in recent years, China has adhered to the strategy of giving top priority to the development of education, making education to the satisfaction of the people lies the top priority in the development of people's livelihood.During this visit, he felt the potential of science and technology for the development of education and had a new inspiration for the direction of education in our district.In the future, he hope to deepen the relationship between the two parties and make joint contribution to the development.