in-cell Smart Blackboard Opens a New Blackboard Track,Skyworth Optical-Electronic Performs in 2020 Shenzhen Education Equipment Exhibition

Shenzhen Education Equipment Expo "was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on . With  as the theme, this exhibition attracts high-quality education equipment manufacturers from all over the country to gather in Pengcheng to show the achievements in the construction and application of Shenzhen education equipment and promote the process of education modernization.Skyworth participated in the exhibition with its Intelligent Blackboard and Intelligent Classroom Integrated Solutions.



During the exhibition, Zhao Li, deputy director of Education Bureau of Shenzhen, Zhang Huimin, Director of Shenzhen Educational Information Technology Center and Peng Jinhuan, President of Shenzhen Education Equipment Industry Association visited the booth of Skyworth and asked the staff about the details of functions of Skyworth education products and the new technologies they adopted.



adapt to the development of the times  promote high-quality development of education

The Action Plan of Education Informatization of the Ministry of Education specifically proposed that by 2010, China's education development goals of “3 cover, 2 improve and 1 platform” should be basically achieved, that is, to make teaching applications covered among all teachers, learning applications covered among all school-age students and digital campus construction covered among all instructions; generally improve the application level of information technology and the information literacy of teachers and students; and establish a "Internet education" platform.

Along with education informatization 1.0 to 2.0 with the acceleration of the pace of upgrading, the new generation of information technology and its educational applications represented by virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain have also attracted more and more attention.In 2020, education informatization is expected to realize the transformation from "Internet education" to "intelligent education".

Skyworth Optical-Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., founded in _, is a state-level high-tech enterprise under Skyworth Group, focusing on the development, production and sales of commercial display products.Skyworth has been committed to the construction of education informatization since its establishment, and has been closely following the national education informatization construction and development plan to promote the high-quality development of education. It can be traced as early as the earliest educational rear projectors, Interactive Touch LCD all-in-one product in 2020, the successful deployment of EDU-Cloud platform in _ to the successful upgrade of Intelligent Classroom Overall Solution in 2020.

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Data Connectivity

Since the introduction of the overall solution of smart classroom in 2019, Skyworth has been continuously developing and iterating, and released V2.0 version in 2020, covering ten products and applications including intelligent large-screen interactive terminal, teaching cloud system and intelligent control.Skyworth has also transformed from a traditional touch display manufacturer to a comprehensive service provider with "cloud service".It aims to open up a complete teaching loop between family and campus, connect resources and data on campus, and realize personalized precise teaching based on big data of education and high-quality education sharing in regional education.

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In-cell Supportive Technology Intelligent Blackboard has its new era of innovation

In the classroom, the blackboard is an important carrier for teachers to teach, and the quality of the blackboard directly affects the experience and learning of teachers and students.As a recommended product of Skyworth Optical-Electronic, Intelligent Blackboard is different from the ordinary blackboard in the traditional classroom. It combines the appearance characteristics of both the ordinary blackboard and the electronic blackboard. It uses an ultra-thin integrated design. A Intelligent Blackboard is equal to the combination of electronic whiteboard, ordinary writing blackboard, high-definition LCD touch control and other hardware to meet the comprehensive application needs of teachers and students.

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It is worth mentioning that Skyworth Optical-Electronic is equipped with the most developed touch control technology on the market, that is, it embedding touch sensing inside the display, reducing the touch layer, making the screen thinner, writing more smoothly, picture quality clearer, wide vision, rear viewing without pressure.Since its launch in 2020, it has entered tens of thousands of schools, bringing the experience of intelligent blackboard to teachers and students, and has been well received.


Skyworth Optical-Electronic  makes a smart future

The three-day Shenzhen Education Equipment Expo has come to an end. Just like the theme of the exhibition "Use the Model and the Intelligence to lead the future", this exhibition is a highly concentrated display of the education equipment industry in Shenzhen, as well as a report on the achievements of education informatization in Shenzhen. It will demonstrate and lead the construction of education informatization in Guangdong and even the whole country, as well as promote the high-quality development of intelligent education.In the exhibition, Skyworth's Intelligent Blackboard and Intelligent Classroom Overall Solutions were praised by many visitors. In the future, we will continue to promote the development of intelligent education, deeply integrate teaching data, and devote ourselves to promoting the rapid, steady and relentless development of education informatization in China.