The 78th Education Equipment Exhibition|Skyworth Optical-Electronic Plays a New Chapter in Smart Classroom

On October 25, 2020, the 78th China Education Equipment Exhibition came to an end in Chongqing. China Education Equipment Exhibition is the largest exhibition and exchange platform in the industry, known as the market vane of education equipment. The exhibition is sponsored by China Education Equipment Industry Association and undertaken by Chongqing Education Committee and Chongqing commerce committee.There are 14 pavilions with 1350 exhibitors and nearly 20000 educational products of various types appear in the exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the new products, new technologies and new achievements of domestic leading intelligent education.


Intelligent blackboard, EDU-Cloud platform, Central Control System and other smart education products appeared on the scene, attracting high attention from the education sector. Now let's review the wonderful moments of Skyworth Optical-Electronic.

Skyworth Optical-Electronic exhibition area is grateful with visitors

The most popular exhibition areas of this exhibition are Intelligent Blackboard exhibition area and Intelligent Management exhibition area.

In order to better promote the development of education modernization, Skyworth Optical-Electronic launched the Intelligent Blackboard in _ this year with its excellent innovative technology and R &D ability. With its light and thin body, fast response, smooth writing, comfortable image quality and other characteristics, Skyworth Optical-Electronic attracted countless people to visit.


Touch technology, that is, embedded touch sensing technology in the display screen, reduces the touch layer, makes the screen thinner, writes more smoothly, produces better quality videos,It has the characteristics of arbitrary expansion of writing page, anti-dazzle, anti-blue light, anti-riot, etc., so that teachers can write at ease and students can watch at ease.



Centralized management, rapid deployment

It is worth mentioning that Skyworth Optical-Electronic has set up a smart management exhibition area this year. Skyworth Optical-Electronic campus Central Control System provides managers with convenient background unified control, visual data statistics, intelligent analysis, unified setting of on-off time, ringing time, eye care exercise time, etc. So there’s no need for repeated operation every day. Managers can also intuitively understand the operation status of school equipment through the management center. If there is any abnormality, it can be handled quickly to avoid delaying teachers' teaching time and progress.


Better Future can be expected in the Education Area

Recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the overall plan for deepening the reform of education evaluation in the new era, which is the first systematic reform document of education evaluation in China and a programmatic document guiding the deepening of the reform of education evaluation in the new era.Education evaluation reform is a worldwide, historical and practical problem, a "leading battle" in the process of education reform and development, and the most difficult "hard bone", which means that education reform will enter the "deep water area".The program puts forward 8 aspects for primary and junior high schools: Students' all-round development, students' equal rights and interests, teachers' professional development, education and teaching level, harmonious educational environment, modern school system, academic burden and social satisfaction.Multi platform evaluation has not adapted to the actual development, while data and cloud computing are becoming the trend of future development.



Media interview of Skyworth Optical-Electronic

Zhang Wei, general manager of Skyworth Optical-Electronic education business line, was interviewed by the news center of China Education Equipment Exhibition. Zhang Wei said: since the release of education informatization, education informatization will be regarded as an endogenous variable of education systematic innovation, supporting and leading the development of education modernization, promoting the renewal of education concept, form innovation and system reconstruction. The investment in educational informatization is also increasing year by year, which fully reflects the determination of our country to adhere to the development of educational informatization.

The overall solution of smart education brought by Skyworth Optical-Electronic is improved on the original basis, upgrading and integrating the school's teaching hardware, teaching resources and management platform as well as new information equipment to meet the needs of teaching, so as to better help schools use new information equipment, improve the efficiency of teaching and learning, and reduce the burden of teachers.


        Overall solution of Skyworth intelligent classroomV2.0

With the advancement of education informatization and the guidance of Action Plan of Education Informatization action plan, teaching equipment has expanded from a single interactive intelligent tablet to an overall solution combining hardware and software.The foundation of informatization is digitalization. In the transformation of intelligent classroom, Skyworth Optical-Electronic has launched the overall solution of intelligent classroom, covering ten products and applications including intelligent large-screen interactive terminal, EDU cloud system and intelligent control.Based on teaching big data, effectively integrate school teaching resources, intellectual resources and personalized education resources, break the isolated island of data, realize the sharing of high-quality education resources in regional education, and promote the balanced development of education; open the complete teaching closed loop between family and campus, pay attention to the growth track of students, pay attention to personalized accurate teaching, and become more intelligent application of students.



Although the exhibition ended, development will never stop!In this exhibition, Skyworth Optical-Electronic upgraded the overall solution of smart education, brought new collision for the upgrading of education informatization, and gained a lot of recognition, praise and suggestions, which will make us forge ahead on the road of education informatization,The new ecology of intelligent education in the new era is to further expand education informatization.