Looking forward to bright future of commercial display system ▏Skyworth Performs in 2020 ISVE Intelligent Display Exhibition in ShenZhen

On December 4, 2020, the 12th China (International) Commercial Display System Industry Leaders Summit (CBDS 2020) and Shenzhen (International) Intelligent Display System Industry Application (2020 ISVE) for three days were successfully hold in Shenzhen (Futian) Convention and Exhibition Center.

Interactive bar screen, educational wisdom screen, transparent screen and other products appeared in this exhibition.  won the annual Huaxian Award - Touch Technology Innovation Product Award.



Exhibition· Highlights

In this exhibition, Skyworth Optical-Electronic's display screens products have attracted the attention and appreciation of all parties, among which the interactive bar screen has attracted a large number of viewers.

The interactive bar screen is different from the ordinary bar screen on the market. It can be operated by touch. In addition to providing a good human-computer interaction experience, it also has ultra-high dynamic contrast, whether it is playing promotional videos or displaying advertising pictures, can achieve good results.

The interactive bar screen can be applied to many scenes, such as electronic tags, smart ordering products, vending products and beauty counters, meeting the needs of new retail and other new industries.


At the exhibition site, the conference smart screen also received a lot of attention.Similar to the interactive bar screen, both adopt advanced capacitive touch technology, which brings smooth operation and writing experience. The ultra-thin body made by fitting also attracts many viewers to experience. The on-site staff also showed the audience how to quickly launch video conversation, wireless Miracast, screen sharing and other office applications.


展会· 精彩

Mr. Gao Ke, General Manager of Skyworth Optical-Electronic, was invited to participate in the 12th China (International) business display system industry leaders summit held at the same time, as well as the summit dialogue with the theme of "post epidemic situation, trade war, dual cycle, new infrastructure, digitalization, where is the way for smart business display".

At the meeting, Mr. Gao Ke discussed the future development of smart business display industry with the guests and representatives of various enterprises, and worked together to break the situation in the era of economic growth slowing down and industrial transformation and upgrading.



General Manager of Skyworth Optical-Electronic

Mr. Xie Fei, director of Skyworth Optical-Electronic R&D center, attended the 5th China Intelligent Office System Industry Innovation Summit Forum. In this forum, he described in detail the industrial opportunities _ will bring and its new applications in the business display field and education field, and put forward a bright vision.


In terms of education, Skyworth Optical-Electronic, as an enterprise deeply engaged in education for more than 20 years, will integrate into the smart education system in the future to present a panoramic live classroom with low delay, high definition, strong interaction, and realize immersive experience. It will combine high-quality teachers and teaching resources through the live classroom to realize multi location joint distance education.


director of Skyworth Optical-Electronic R&D center In an interview with the media

In an interview with the media, Mr. Xie Fei also said that Skyworth will build an ecological chain in the future to guide the new development of the commercial display industry.

The Huaxian award, the innovative product award, was also presented at the dinner. Our company (Skyworth Optical-Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.) won the "Touch Technology Innovation Product Award", and Mr. Zhan Jianying, general manager of Skyworth Optical-Electronic conference and display business line, took the stage to receive the award.


The selection of this award is not only an affirmation and encouragement to Skyworth Optical-Electronic, but also an encouragement and commendation to other excellent enterprises in the industry,Skyworth Optical-Electronic will forge ahead with the courage to innovate and make continuous progress.


general manager of Skyworth Optical-Electronic conference and display business line

As an influential exhibition in the smart business show industry, this conference has built a good communication platform for all enterprises and audiences, so that audiences can understand the latest research results in the industry at the exhibition site, have full confidence in the future development, and promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation among all parties. Skyworth Optical-Electronic will continue to actively innovate on the future development road, contribute to the new future of the business display industry, and jointly look forward to a better future.