Warm winter,Walk with love — Skyworth Optical-Electronic enters Dongyuan county to assist education and help intelligence

On November 15, Peng Jinhuan, president of Shenzhen Education Equipment Industry Association, led 11 caring entrepreneurs of the association to carry out the charity donation activity of "Targeted Poverty Alrelief, Teaching Assistant Helping the Intellectuals" in Dongyuan County.The activity received Local leaders included Huang Chenguang, chairman of the Heyuan Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, Xiao Lihua, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Dongyuan County Committee and head of the United Front Campaign, Guo Zhouzheng, deputy head of the county, and Zhou Fuguang, director of the Dongyuan County Education Bureau warmly welcomed and entertained With the care of education, this time we also actively responded to the Dongyuan County Chongwen School teachers and students to bring a love and strength.


Heyuan municipal administration, yellow light, vice President of Shenzhen education equipment industry association Peng Jinhuan, dongyuan county committee and minister of united front work department XiaoLiHua, dongyuan county deputy magistrate guo well-formed, Shenzhen heyuan headquarters counterpart aid society Sun Si group deputy team leader of the people's livelihood, dongyuan county bureau of education deputy director xiao new, party branch secretary li of Shenzhen education equipment industry association, Shenzhen education equipment industry association secretary-general chin-peng chu, the secretary-general Luo Diqing and participate in caring donation entrepreneurs representatives, representatives of dongyuan county academy school leaders, teachers and students, journalists and others together witnessed the donation activities.


During the event, Sun Si, deputy head of the Social and Liveli-livelihood Group of Shenzhen Counter Helping Heyuan Headquarters, read out the speech delivered by Wang Wei, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Municipal Government, head of Longhua District, member of the standing committee of Heyuan Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, and general director of Shenzhen Counter Helping Heyuan Headquarters. In his speech, he highly praised the donation activity organized by Shenzhen Education Equipment Industry Association, which is a great good thing for the benefit of students, education and society. He fully affirms the social responsibility of the association and the caring member enterprises, as well as the positive contribution made in the big poverty alleviation pattern of professional poverty alleviation, industrial poverty alleviation, social poverty alleviation and mutual poverty alleviation. Besides, he also encourages the poor students of the schools to study hard and repay the motherland and society.


Peng Jinhuan, president of Shenzhen Educational Equipment Industry Association, said: Under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and government of Shenhe and the joint efforts of all levels and departments of Shenhe, Shenhe has achieved good results. It is the duty-bound responsibility of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to help the rich before they become rich and join hands to achieve common prosperity. It is also the consistent original intention and feelings of Shenzhen Educational Equipment Industry Association to actively practice social responsibilities and boost the reform and development of China's education.


Skyworth Optical-Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co As Shenzhen education equipment Association vice president unit A total of CNY 14 worth of educational products were donated.


After the ceremony, Mr. Liu Chuanye, Principal of Chongwen School, accompanied Mr. Peng Jinhuan, President of Chongwen School, and the representatives of donor enterprises to visit Chongwen School campus and take photos as a souvenir.



Warm winter, walk with love. Skyworth Optical-Electronic has always been concerned with education and education since its establishment. While developing the enterprise, Skyworth Optical-Electronic does not forget to repay the society with practical actions. We firmly believe that every bit of love and help will eventually converge into a vast ocean. We will strive to let science and technology teaching enter more schools and let more children enjoy the achievements of intelligent education!