Plug the motherboard

The main board and computer of the whole product adopt plug-in structure. When the push-pull blackboard is embedded, the mainboard can be maintained without removing the whole product.

Professional lock design can prevent students from plugging in and out at will.


Multi-screen cloud enjoyment

  • 2.png

    The video, picture,

    music and other images

    on the mobile terminal

    can be displayed on the

    all-in-one product

  • 3.png

    Media files on

    all-in-one product

    can be viewed on

    the mobile terminal

  • 4.png

    Easy connection

    under the same network

    Smooth speed, no delay

Very clear 

H.265 High-definition decoding technology, high-end technology.

Industrial IPS hard screen,FULL-HD 3840*2160 4K High-definition display,

feel high definition image quality and realistic visual impact.

Magic six primary color technology, restore the color of nature, showing extremely clear quality.D系列图片.png


eye protection

Intelligent environment detection, automatic adjustment of screen brightness.

Choose the frosted green to protect the eyesight of teachers and students.

Backlight automatic adjustment function, always protect the eye intelligently.