D Series


The product integrates projector, computer and TV with rich functions. It replaces the traditional chalkboard class mode and gathers modern science and technology.

*Specifically including (but not limited to) the following models::55E72RD-D,65E91RD-D,75E99UD-D,86E99UD-D


Easy maintenance

  • pic121.png

    Easily disassemble

    Easier maintenance

  • 1503741028630577.png

    Pulling type infrared touch bar
    Easily exchange and maintai

  • pic123.png

    Pulling type computer

    Trouble shooting at any time

Intelligent Interaction

With Android 6.0 intelligent operating system, the built-in hardware has dual core CPU and 2G+8G operating memory. The product can realize multi-touch, writing, PPT courseware player, multimedia player and web browsing under the signal source of Android system.


Safety Protection

Arc angle, no sharp edge, protect the safety of teachers and students, matching the installation of high-quality cold-rolled plate hanger, die stamping forming, ensure that the body is firm, thin body design, enhance security, reduce fixed wall requirements 4mm explosion proof tempered glass, anti-collision, anti-scratch.1591605907949332.jpg