Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

Cloud platform is a Skyworth cloud resource platform based on B/S with no system or hardware platform restrictions, through the computer, mobile phone, tablet can easily enter the cloud platform.

It includes four modular login interfaces, including resource center, cloud lesson preparation, cloud disk and personal center, with clear classification to help teachers search and manage resources more effectively.

Cloud lesson preparation, convenient and efficient way of lesson preparation, high-quality resource sharing, classroom interactive teaching support, personalized push of teaching resources on demand, and improvement of classroom effect can be easily realized through Skyworth cloud platform.2872 famous teacher teaching video, covering all grades and disciplines, detailed knowledge point decomposition.Skyworth cloud platform located itself with efficient teaching resources, integrating high-quality teaching resources in the form of web pages, and providing platform support before, during and after class.



Based on B / S architecture


Abundant resources


Cloud lesson preparation


Cloud storage space